Around the time I was 20 I started to design t-shirts for a clothing company I created called 'Rebels & Poets.' I try my best to make designs that are marketable but also have some kind of deeper meaning or concept. I Picked the Name because I liked the duality of it and i thought using 'Rebel' and 'Poet' was a cool way to represent 'anarchy' and 'peace.'  when most people think of the word anarchy they automatically assume chaos but really  it's just more a lack of authority. So i don't think that and peace necessarily have to be mutually exclusive.
The Logo
Smells like purple haze in rehab
No Evil
Vanity Slaves
Root Of Evil
All Evil
Fck Ur Perception
Self Titled
Good And Evil
The Cool
Love & Passion
Serial Artist
The Rebel And The Poet
Vice City
Ignorance Is Bliss
Heart Breaker
Style Biters
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